Solas Family Resource Centre
Main St., Headford, Co. Galway

Welcome to The Solas Family Resource Centre Headford, where we provide a wide range of supports to people experiencing social and economic disadvantage in the Headford and surrounding areas.

The project aims to develop community based services for individuals, families, and groups in an open, friendly, caring and confidential atmosphere, with the aim of promoting equality and inclusiveness.

We promote an Open Door policy and a Welcome for All –Fáilte Roimh Cách!
Fr James O'Grady, Chairperson

You are invited to join us for

Headford How Are You
Wednesday 15th May 2024
St Georges Square Headford

12 noon – PCH Orchestra & Choir

12.30pm – Guest Speaker
Cllr. Peter Roche

1.00pm  – Matt Cunningham Band

1.30pm –  Don Stiffe

2.00pm –  Pauline Scanlon
& Dave Clancy

How Are You? is a simple campaign developed by Mental Health Ireland that encourages people to ask Hello How Are You?

The campaign breaks down the steps:

L– Learn
O– Options

In this way it supports people to reach out, say hello and ask 'how are you?'

Our event hopes to create a greater awareness and understanding of mental health, help increase confdence in starting conversations about mental health and normalising conversations about mental health in all settings.

Make kindness a priority

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Everyone is welcome here - we are stronger together.
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