Hello Headford

January 30, 2024

Hello, How Are You? is a simple yet effective mental health promotion campaign developed by Mental Health Ireland, that encourages people to say ‘Hello’ and ask ‘How, Are You?’ The concept of the Hello, How are you? Campaign is to ask with meaning, and to really listen to the person’s response.  The campaign breaks down the steps: HE.L.L.O.(H: Hello E: Engage L: Listen L: Learn and O: Options) which supports people to reach out, say hello and ask how are you?  On Thursday 30th March Solas Family Resource Centre invite all to join us for a cup of tea/coffee, a chat and a bit of banter. The event hopes to create a greater awareness and understanding of mental health. Help increase confidence in starting conversations about mental health and normalising conversations about mental health in all settings

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